Three exhibitions in 2018

The foundation for ROYME's national growth strategy is to be close to the customer. For this reason, not only we increase our presence with new branches in strategic points, but also we are in the most important exhibitions of the die and mould Sector, both nationally and internationally. This year ROYME will participate in BIEMH (Bilbao), MetalMadrid (Madrid) and Euroblech (Hannover).


This year ROYME will participate for the first time in the biennial meeting of the Industrial Sector, which this year will be held from May 28th, to June 1st. Its recognition in the international area and its long history as a reference Event guarantee the success of the BIEMH. The exhibition will celebrate its 30th Edition with a very ambitious commercial proposal, where ROYME will present the new range of products for mould - DME standard elements -. In addition, we will also present the latest news from our partners, enabled by the representatives of these companies, who will also be at our booth.



As we have been doing for the last few years, this year 2018 we will also be present with our own booth at the MetalMadrid Exhibition - September 26th and 27th-. This annual Event is a modern Event of short duration, but very intense in terms of content and participants. It is presented in a format that allows ROYME to approach its customers in a practical and direct way.

VISIT US IN BOOTH 4AB23 / More info: Metalmadrid


EuroBLECH, the World's Leading Exhibition for the metal sheet processing industry, this year will take place from October 23rd to 26th in Hannover and it will provide visitors with the opportunity to obtain an overview of the new technologies and trends prevailing in the sector.

ROYME took part as an exhibitor for the first time in 2014, which served as the gateway to the international market and then continued to open the way to new markets and new challenges. Currently, our Export Department is serving companies from the 5 continents and the EuroBLECH Exhibition is still the key Event to which ROYME will attend this year for the third consecutive time.


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