Royme identity


For Royme the mission is to supply the industrial market specialized in standard mold and die, targeting both large companies and small workshops. Our work is focused on selling and distributing standard elements to fix the most demanding needs of the automotive sector, or mold and die companies.
For more than 50 years, Royme has continuously widened its offer, answering to a joint demand for different products: punches and bushes, wire springs and gas springs, lifting and fastening elements, die plates, guide pillars and cams ... This way, Royme becomes the most profitable option for its customers.

in Spain


branch offices



> 100.000

coded articles

> 10.000

articles in permanent stock


The challenge of ROYME is to lead the national market of standard components for die and mold. In addition, we want to reinforce our global proposal aimed to offer a personal and optimal service in terms of product quality and service immediacy.

Getting closer
to our customer

The brand ROYME offers a direct and trustworthy service. We focus our strategy on getting closer to our customers, which is the reason that made us open five new branch offices nationwide in the last years, and lead us to continue expanding the network.

We expanded our
facilities and resources.

ROYME’s capacity is wide enough to offer an exclusive service, due to the investment for the storage capacity increase, the creation of new workshops and the improvement of the existing facilities. We believe in continuous improvement and constant growth.

With the support
of our main partners

The main international manufacturers of standard components for mold and die, such as GSB, Special Springs and Moeller, rely on ROYME’s brand to strategically place their products.


ROYME’s main foundation, those ideas on which the company has been built upon and which have been constant since its inception, are the principles of excellence, participation, transparency and the identity of family business with a culture based on teamwork for more than 50 years. Principles that are the basis of all our decisions and relationships, both external (with customers and suppliers) and internal (team and partners).
We are clearly aware that people are the center of our company. Having a motivated team is the secret of our success, so we try to maintain talent, motivation, enthusiasm and passion every day, through the principles of participation and transparency. All team members participate in making steps towards the company's goal: consolidate the ROYME brand by expanding the market. Thus, ROYME is made of a team of professionals involved with shared values:


We take care of our employees, and they take care of our customers.

The Staff

The main asset for success. We have talented, motivated, passionate and inspired people.




Efficiency & Utility.
We work for improving what is already good.


We look for our customer’s happiness. We build close, solid, honest and trusting relationships.

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