ROYME and Cadenas platform, a differential partnership


We are a leading company in the die-stamping and mould sector, with a long record in the Spanish market. Our goal is to move forward and innovate in such sector, bringing global services which provide an added value to our customers. With more than 2000 clients, ROYME has 7 delegations and more than 60 employees who make of the company a national reference.


Both the service excellence and the customer satisfaction play an essential role in ROYME. For that purpose, we have several delegations and commercial representation in the main manufacturing cores of the country, which allows us to move forward alongside our clients and offer a quick response to their needs. Besides, we like to be surrounded by the top entities. That is why we have a wide network of international collaborators, which enables us to offer our clients the best brands available in the market.


We seek excellence in our services and the efficiency of our processes through the digital transformation. In this sense, we have implemented on our website all the potential of CADENAS, which allows our clients to download the CAD data and have all the information that they need within reach of a click. The platform powered by CADENAS has simplified the data supply process, and thus the customers can now obtain CAD models in an easier and more comfortable way


The CADENAS platform has established ROYME even better in the market, giving greater visibility to our brand and thus making possible for us to be closer to our clients. With numerous and useful search features of the platform, the client will be able to quickly find the necessary component. Each product has a detailed 3D preview and wide metadata. This allows engineers and buyers to ensure that the product fits the specific application perfectly and therefore avoid errors, streamlining the whole process as a result.


Once found and specified the right product, you can download it for free in more than 120 CAD, CAE and BIM native formats, and import and try them in the usual software environment of the customer. The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for users all over the world. 


At present, on the ROYME platform there are two product families: Springs, where a wide range of springs and gas cylinders for the die-stamping and mould sector has been added. Apart from the Die Guiding family, where the users will find an extensive catalogue of bushes, ball cages, pillars, etc. New products of their catalogue will be joining the platform soon.


All things considered, it is clear that ROYME is committed to innovation and service excellence when it comes to the satisfaction of our customer needs, both through the digital transformation and implementation of new technologies, such as the CADENAS platform. Our company is committed to the continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, which makes it the leading company in the die-stamping and mould sector in Spain.