We are pleased to announce that the latest edition of our Mould Components Catalogue is now available.


At ROYME, we are always committed to service excellence and customer satisfaction. We recognise that keeping our product presentation up to date is essential in our constant quest for improvement.


The new version of the Molde Components catalogue is packed with lots of new features:

  • Ejection and Demoulding: We have expanded the family, adding a variety of new products.
  • Mould Guiding: In addition to correcting errors and increasing the number of references for some products, we have also been able to expand the family with new products.
  • Cooling: We updated and expanded our product offering related to mould cooling.
  • Centering: We added new products to expand the family.

In addition to these significant improvements, we have added two new product families:

  • Polish: We offer a selection of high quality polishing products.
  • Electrical Components: We expanded our portfolio to include a range of electrical components.

To further facilitate our customers' experience, at the end of the catalogue you will find a section dedicated to examples of special parts manufactured according to drawings. At ROYME, we are committed to customisation and adaptation to the specific needs of our customers.


If you would like to obtain a printed copy of our catalogue, please do not hesitate to contact your local sales representative. We also offer the option of downloading the complete catalogue or individual sections by family via our Digital Catalogs area in our website, simply by completing the relevant form in a matter of seconds.


We hope you make the most of all the improvements we have incorporated in this new edition of our Mould Catalogue.